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Meet Ms. Eszter

Your Child Is in Great Hands

Philosophy and Service Values

A mom at the KinderCare I was working for told me that she was lucky that her tot was in my class, because she knew I loved her baby. It is certainly true! I strive to get to know and build strong relationships with children and their families. I am passionate about being culturally inclusive, as well as embracing diversity, and acceptance. I come from a different country, too: Hungary. I have lived in Pittsburgh since 2009, and worked for the KinderCare of Mt. Lebanon for five years. It was a wonderful place to implement the best practices in early childhood education that I learned in my classes I was taking in college. 

What makes me stand apart from other early childhood educators is my passion for teaching science. As a program presenter and creator of early learner programs in the Carnegie Science Center for ten years, one thing I learned is that no-one is too young to explore and discover! I enhance the curriculum with hands-on science activities from babies to PreK. These include raising insects, growing gardens, dropping eggs from the window to test material strength, cooking/baking, fog-filled bubbles, and more. I am a huge fan of teaching science through art, too!

Active supervision and communication are at the heart of my teaching. This means that your child has my eyes and ears!  I constantly listen to what your child has to say, I ask open-ended questions, and we spend quality time together.

Parents always ask me about the food I serve to the children. I believe that children's growing bodies need wholesome nutrition. I provide fresh fruit, vegetables, and home-made food for the children in my care.

My home will be your child's home away from home, where they enjoy the warmth of a family home environment, as well as feel safe to learn and discover with the curriculum that I develop.

I cannot wait to welcome your child and your family at my family home daycare, Children's Learning Circle. If you have questions, please reach out to me by email at

or by phone at 



Ms. Eszter Freidhoff

Founder and Learning Coach

Children's Learning Circle

A child spraying shaving cream on Ms. Eszter's head, who is wearing a shower cap.

Health & Safety

I was promoted to be the Health and Safety Inspector of the building of KinderCare of Mt. Lebanon in 2019, because I strongly believe that providing children with a clean and safe environment, as well as teaching them good health practices is the basis of childcare. My supervisors trusted me to help the staff prepare the building for our annual licensing inspection.

I implement good health and safety practices in my family home daycare. It is my home, after all. I keep it clean and safe because it is my living space!

During the ongoing corona virus pandemic, I am seeking periodical updates from healthcare professionals to ensure that your child in my care, as well as my family remains safe and healthy. This is my out-most priority.  Please contact me with your questions about the most updated health and safety protocols I implement. You may reach me by phone at 412-335-1972, or by email at

Child proudly wearing a mask for coronavirus safety.
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