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Fun & Creativity


Don't you just love to get lost in creating artwork? My art lessons are often based on books or music that carry your child's creativity to express feelings and thoughts through various art media, like paint, play dough, and things we find in nature. Messy creativity is never restricted by step-by-step instructions in my care!


Should we have a dance party or maybe start a band? I have lots of musical instruments the kiddos can play on, as well as create their own musical instruments with household materials. Did I mention that Music teaches kiddos Math as well as Cultural Studies? I sing nursery rhymes and songs in different languages, and I am happy to include songs from your family's cultural background!

Movement and Outdoors

There is always time for yoga, exercises, and learning new dance routines! While we leave climbing, running, and throwing balls for the yard, we keep busy dancing, exercising, and playing games like bowling inside. The kiddos also love to help take care of our vegetable and flower gardens!

Language and Social Studies

I take pride in my HUGE collection of children's books, and my frequent trips to the library. I read lots and lots of books in English and other languages. I speak English,  Hungarian, German, and a little Spanish. My goal is to promote cultural understanding, communication, and early literacy skills in an environment that is rich in written languages. 


Little ones experiment with measurements, patterns, sorting, as well as build up their understanding of numbers to do arithmetic by the time they are ready for Kindergarten. My curriculum promotes problem-solving, and critical thinking. Your kiddo will learn to recognize and name numerals, play a lot of card games, dominoes, board games, measure and count things around the house.


Get out there and explore the world around you! Always ask questions and test out your ideas! Your kiddo will make discoveries of their own with material strength, states of matter, building and engineering, observing the weather and the changes in nature. I think one of their biggest joy so far was to raise butterflies, ladybugs, and grow vegetables in the garden! My curriculum is greatly influenced by my experience as a program presenter at the Carnegie Science Center.

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