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Children's Learning Circle

The Best Learning Environment

Infants playing with colorful lego blocks.


I cannot wait to get to know your beautiful baby, and make them feel right at home! That's right, my house will be your baby's home away from home, where they will feel safe and loved, ready to explore the world around them. Hope you have lots of extra onesies, because your baby is in for some messy art, and crawling around!

bird cartoon image


Hope you like "firsts!" There will be a lot of excited phone-calls and pictures coming your way about how your little one is achieving new milestones. They will take their first steps, say their first words, make their first friends, and start learning to be an active part of a  group. This is a time to figure out how to be good friends by learning to share and use words.

As I encourage your curious tot to explore their world, my goal is to keep them safe while they build with blocks, swaddle baby dolls, and get messy in the sensory bin.

A toddler boy playing pushing colorful beads on a number line.
A preschooler boy playing the drums while an adult plays the guitar.


Your big 3-year-old kid is striving to be more and more independent!They will learn valuable life skills through dramatic play, master recognizing numerals, and start practicing pre-writing skills. We will continue following a daily routine of circle time, reading books, doing arts, and lots of free-play to explore the yard! Prepare for amazing conversations in the car ride home about your kiddo's amazing day with Ms. Eszter and friends!


Your Kindergarten-bound kiddo will finish learning all they need to feel ready to go to school. Your confident kiddo will learn to connect sounds to letters of the alphabet, learn to recognize sight words, start tracing words, sequence stories, and make simple patterns, and more. I have lots of card games, board games, puzzles, and science experiments that make learning so much fun!

Learning takes patience, and I teach them that making mistakes is a part of learning.

A pre-kindergartener girl looking through a magnifying glass. She is smiling.
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