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Eating Watermelon

Good nutrition is so important! Kiddos need balanced meals to grow healthy and happy. I pride myself cooking every day to serve delicious lunches which feature meals from many parts of the world. We serve protein, vegetables, fruit, and milk/water with every lunch. My breakfast and snack menu features fresh fruit, yogurt, vegetables, cheese, crackers, and more.

We are adventurous eaters! The children often bake or cook with me, and they try a food we do not typically feature on the menu every week. We talk about the food we eat: the texture, the color, the taste, and flavor. My philosophy is that the kiddos need to try a polite bite of every new food we try, but they do not have to finish their portion.

Some of the children in my care have specific dietary needs. I am happy to make sure your child's dietary needs are met, let Ms. Eszter know what you need!

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