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Two toddlers smiling and playing with toys at a daycare.

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Family Home Daycare

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Children's Learning Circle

Family Home Daycare
The Best Environment for Learning


I strive to get to know and care for your child as I love and care for my own daughter. Your baby has a second home in my house, where they get to play and learn with other kids- just like a family!


I strongly believe that learning starts with LOVE! My goal for your baby is to feel safe and loved in my home, so they will be ready to explore the world through lots of sensory play, reading books, cause-effect toys, and singing.


Sharing is caring! Your toddler will learn to share, be kind, and use their words. Don't you just love to hear those first words? This is the time for lots of "firsts" in a safe and nurturing environment filled with blocks to push down, dolls to swaddle, and messy sensory play.


Being a big kid means that you get to practice doing things all by yourself! Your kiddo will be so proud of themselves for implementing life skills we learn through dramatic play, story-telling, art, Math, science, as well as consistent routines.



Kindergarten, here we come! Your Kindergarten-bound kiddo will build on all the knowledge and skills they picked up since infancy to be successful.  My goal for your kiddo is to feel emotionally and cognitively ready to go to Kindergarten. I enhance your child's learning with dramatic-play, reading, writing, Math, science, cooking, and Spanish.

Children letting go a butterfly they raised with their teacher.

My Approach

My approach is simple: I strive to create a safe and nurturing environment, where your child feels ready to learn. My house becomes your child's home away from home, where they feel loved, and accepted.

When I teach, I listen to your child, and I include their interests in the activities I plan for each theme of the curriculum. I encourage your child to feel curious to explore, practice problem-solving, and critical thinking skills through hands-on activities. My curriculum promotes literacy, social understanding, physical education, science, and creativity.

Parents wrote nice comments about Ms. Eszter.

What Parents Think

“I love to hear everything Julia is learning about other languages, customs, parts of a book, rules for safety in the car and home. She is soaking it all up! I love how you treat all the kids with patience, respect, and kindness."

Cecilia, Julia's mom

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